Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nichols Arboretum in October - Part 2

As promised, I went back to Nichols Arboretum tonight.  It was cloudy so the colors aren't as vibrant I was hoping they would be but they weren't too bad.  I went to the normal area where I take these pictures.
I saw this tree as I started heading down the main trail.  I kind of liked how it stood out against the greens behind it.
Looking down the Huron River.  I think I should have gone a couple weeks ago because the colors would have been more visible.
Looking up the Huron River.
One of the birch trees.  I kind of like the yellows in the leaves.
Looking up at an oak tree.
Looking down the railroad tracks.  I did this one off center to get more of the reds to the right.
I think I would have liked this one a little more had it been more in focus for a longer distance but I do kind of like how it mutes it a bit.

Looking at the prairie.  I will have to say this is probably my favorite part in the Arb.  Although the valley is pretty cool too.
Another view of the prairie.
I think I have made sure this tree is in each of my series so far.
Trying to get the birch trees against the darker background.  I may have to try this one again.
Another view of the prairie area.  I kind of like how the reds in the grass are set off against some of the other elements in the picture.
It was getting darker as I was doing this one, so the colors are a little muter than I had hoped but not too bad I guess.

And my last of the night.  One more look at the prairie, I tried to get a longer view of this but it didn't look that great.

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