Friday, October 7, 2011

Also Once Again...The Roger Blough

I'd have to say that one of my favorite ships is the Roger Blough. This would be her fifth appearance on this blog. One of her earlier appearances has all the details about her, so I wont go into them here.
I think this is why I like her, she looks so squat in the water almost like she is ready to pounce out at something. She seems to have a wider berth as well.
A shot of the Blough, Renaissance Center and the J.W. Westcott as she approaches her. You can also see a couple of pleasure boats in this picture.
The Roger Blough as she gets closer. You can also see the next ship in the background.
I kind of like her in this shot.
If you look off to the right, you can see the ship after the next ship as well. She is about 15 minutes or so away there.
The Westcott as she is alongside the Blough. You can see the crew on the Blough.
I tried to get a closeup shot of her bow and pilothouse. This shot is a pretty good shot to see the wear and tear the shipping season has on a ship.
A closer shot of the pilothouse.
As she approaches the Ambassador Bridge.
A shot of just the bow.
I think this is a better shot of the pilothouse.

As she passes under the Ambassador Bridge. This is one of the other reasons I like to shoot pictures from this park. I think the Bridge shows nicer in these shots.
I think this is where the Blough blew her horn. It sounded pretty cool.
As she heads downriver.
A shot of her stern.

I think she was heading down to Ohio. As I said, she is one of my favorite ships.

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