Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Shots of the Detroit Skyline

One of the nice things about both places where I go shipwatching is that you get some really nice views of Detroit. Since it was a nice day, I took some more shots of the skyline.
A shot of Detroit from the Riverside Park. One of the things I hate about this shot is that sometimes it catches the wires dangling from the Bridge.
I took this shot as I got to Belle Isle. This is one of the reasons why I like the manual settings on my camera. Sometimes I think the auto mode makes the scene too bright. I prefer some darkness, especially for sunsets.
A shot of the Ambassador Bridge. I think I love the oranges in the sky.
A little deeper orange.
I'm not sure if I like this shot but I think it's kind of a neat effect. It looks like there is a nuke going off behind the Ren Cen.
The Cedarglen off to the left, the sun setting a little lower in the sky. I think I really like this shot.
For this one, I tried to brighten the buildings up a bit.

An overall shot of Detroit and Windsor. I really like the reflections on the Detroit River.
And I really like this shot. Now we are into the reds and the buildings are pretty well shaded. I really like the black reflections in the water.
I tried to pull it out a bit.
The MacArthur Bridge as it is lit up.

This one would have been favorite, if I had brought my tripod.

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