Saturday, October 22, 2011

Western Michigan Vs. Eastern Michigan - Pre-Game Shots

So I went to the Eastern Michigan game again today.  It was homecoming so the stadium was a little more crowded than usual.  I kind of wish I had gotten to the game a little earlier because parking was tough to get.  I did manage to find a spot but it was in the back 40.

The team as they gather at the center of the field before going back to the tunnel after warm ups.
Apparently one of the new traditions (or at least I don't remember from before) is what they call the Parade of Nations.  They have people from each of the different countries that have students at EMU march around the field.  It's kind of neat and I didn't realize just how international Eastern was.
They had a skydiver deliver the game ball.  I wish I had known because I would have had my other lens on.
I'm not sure what he was aiming for though.
The band forming "EMU".
And again.
The band lined up before they leave the field.

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