Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Barton Dam in October

So I decided to head over to Barton Dam tonight to do my continuing series. It was a little on the chilly side and the rain was threatening. Fortunately neither thing happened. I thought the colors would be a little more brilliant but I think I might have waited too long.
Here is the shot looking down the Huron River. There are some colors in the trees but it looks like many of the leaves have fallen off.
They are working on the dam so there wasn't much water falling either. But that made the river a little smoother than usual so I got a reflection in the water.
Another angle of the building. I think if I had done this last week, there may have been more color in the background.
I kind of liked the colors in this.
Looking down the dam. Again, another chance for a shot with a reflection.
Looking across Barton Pond. I think there was a little more color here.
Looking down at the dam. There wasn't much light so I couldn't do a faster shutter speed to freeze the water more.
Taking it to a slower shutter speed for the motion illusion.
Looking up at one of the windows. I really like the looks of this building.
Looking down the tracks. This was probably the best color here.
Another shot of the building.

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