Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cedarglen

So the last ship of the evening was the Cedarglen. She is another ship which is making her debut here on Michigan Exposures. Since I didn't look her up beforehand, I wasn't aware that she was going to be an odd looking ship.She was originally built in Germany as the Ems Ore in 1959. She was constructed a deep sea ore carrier and orginally had her pilothouse amidships. She was owned by an American company and used for ore trading between Venezuela and Europe.
In 1976, she was acquired by the Hall Corporation to be used to carry Labrador Ore from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the steel mills Hamilton, ON. At this time, she was revamped to her current configuration. She would end up being 730 feet long and could carry 29,500 tons of cargo. She was renamed the Montcliffe Hall.
In 1988, she changed owners again and was renamed the Cartierdoc by her new company N.M. Paterson and Sons.
In 2002, the Paterson and Sons Company ended their shipping business and she was sold to the Canada Steamship lines. At this time, she was renamed the Cedarglen.
I think I really like this shot.

And this shot.
Well, this concludes my boatwatching for the day. I'll have to say that I was very pleased with the number of ships I saw. I was also pleased with the weather because it was a beautiful day.

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