Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Geddes Dam

Last night I ended up taking US-23 home from work. The route I take passes right by the Dixboro Dam and I've often thought about taking pictures of it. Last night, I noticed the prominent red tree and the relatively calm water so I decided to stop.
For some time, the Huron River was used by Detroit Edison to generate hydroelectric power. Now the dams sit mostly idle. Construction on the Geddes Dam was completed in 1920 and it generated power for Detroit Edison until 1959. After a flood in 1968, the dams were sold to Ann Arbor. Two of the dams continued to generate power into the 80's but not this one.
Behind it is Geddes Pond.I kind of liked the colors of this tree.
Using a slow shutter speed to get the water motion effect.
Unfortunately, I was losing light, so I couldn't get a much faster shutter speed.
A shot of the other part of the dam.
The red tree from the other side. As you can see, the sun was setting so I didn't have much more time.
Just a close up from a different angle.