Monday, October 17, 2011

The CSL Laurentien Again

So I was coming down to the Detroit River to catch the Edgar Speer as boatnerd said she would be coming down around this time. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her. As I looked down the Detroit River I saw the CSL Laurentien. She has been on this blog before, so I wont go into detail on her.I started tracking her a little before this picture but the pictures weren't the greatest as the ship was but a little spec. It seemed like she was taking forever to chug upriver so I wasn't sure if she was coming up or just taunting me.
Here she is a little closer, it still seemed like it would be a while before I would see her. I kind of like how the sun is hitting the side of the ship. I kind of wish she were moving through a little more open area though because it would be a little more brilliant.
I kind of like the way the light is hitting the bow. You can see a little hint of the pinks of the sunset.
I thought maybe she would be continuing down the river, but it looked like she was going to dock at the stone dock.
Here she is almost filling the frame.
And sure enough, she was docking at the stone dock.
I was hoping to catch the Speer as she is one of the 1000 footers and hasn't been on this blog before but oh well. Maybe some other time.

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