Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Ship of a Different Sort

Someone sort of already had the title I wanted to use for this post, so I guess I had to use a different title.  As I was at work today, someone mentioned that the Goodyear Blimp was wandering around outside.  I guess it was trying to peek in the windows or something.  Although, I suspect it may be in the area for the Michigan game but I'm not sure.  At anyrate, I know that I had to get pictures of it.
 I think the blimp is the Spirit of Goodyear as that happens to be the one in the area.  I'm pretty sure this is the one I got pictures of earlier in the summer.   But since it flies, I'll take pictures of it.
 Besides, who can argue with a blimp?  Well, I imagine that someone with a giant needle probably could.
 I guess this is one of the advantages of living near a major football program (the Wolverines...not the Lions...hehe).  Speaking of the Lions, I wonder if Goodyear has an infrared camera so they could provide aerial views of Lions games?
I think she was trying to land at the Ann Arbor Airport but the wind was causing her to buffet.  I was hoping that I could see her after work...but no luck.

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