Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Algoboat....the Algoway

Right after the Manitou was the Algoway.  She was heading upbound while the Manitou was heading downbound.
 She's kind of odd looking for being one of the classic configuration lake freighters, but I think that's because she is one of the newer classic lake freighters.
 Last time I saw her was on the Saginaw River and she was close enough to the shore that she gave me a nice show.
 While not quite as close this time, she did give a nice show as she blared the danger signal three times.
 Now, why would a ship like this be dangerous?
 It might have something to do with the size.
 I mean it's not a like a ship like this can stop on a dime.
 But what was she blowing her horn to anyway?
 Just incase you forgot what company this was.
 Still a mystery why she was blowing the horn.
Must be this sailboat.  Note to the sailboat, you do have the right of way...unless the other vessel is a freighter.
A little attempt at framing.

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