Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waiting at Salt Lake City

The only problem with taking Delta from Denver to Orange County is that it wasn't a direct flight.  Since Delta's main western hub is Salt Lake City, it was a flight there first.  But I had enough time to take a couple pictures while I was there.
 One certainty is that if you see a plane in Southwest livery, it will be a 737 of some sort.  Sadly, I don't know the different versions but I do know 737's.  Based on the winglets, this is a fairly newer model.  I wonder what Southwest will do when the 737 is finally retired.
 There are no certainties in what kind of aircraft you will see in Delta's livery.  This one happens to be a 757 which is probably my favorite commercial aircrat.
 And the Canadian Regional Jet that would take me to Orange County.  I was actually surprised at how busy Salt Lake City was. 
 A US Airways Airbus 319.
And one more shot of my plane before the light was too bad.

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