Monday, September 24, 2012

Kamistiqua Strikes Back

Another vessel that is not a stranger to this blog is the Kamistiqua.  Well, she's only appeared once before but she's made an impression on the author of this blog.
 She reason she's made an impression on me is the shear amount of rust that is on her hull.  I'm not a huge fan of the rear mounted pilothouses, but I do like this ship.
 She's got character and character goes a long way.
 The other ships like her look too new.  They don't look like they work hard.
 Can't say that about the Kaministiqua.
 Even her bow looks well worked.
 Plus she sets well against the blue of the Detroit River.
 Or the darker blue of the Detroit River.
 She even gave us a salute as she went by.  Someone had an Algoma flag, and her skipper is a former Algoma skipper.
 I think he was even waving to us.
 And she heads further downbound.
To somewhere.....

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