Monday, September 3, 2012

Point Aux Barque Lighthouse

My lighthouse continued to the Point Aux Barque lighthouse.  This is another one I've been to in the past, so I'm not going to post the history here but just a link.
 The lighthouse itself is pretty much at the tip of the thumb and is a pretty nice looking one.
 Although it does look similar to the other lighthouses in Michigan.
 From one side of it, you can see the Saginaw Bay.  On the other, you can see Lake Huron.
 Another view looking at the tower.
 Probably my favorite view of the lighthouse.
 It was pretty busy when I was there, so it was difficult getting shots without people in them.
 An overall shot of the ground.  The red structure is where they stored the oil for the light.  I think the house to the left is the original keeper's house.  There is another house that would have been behind me in the this picture.
One last shot of the tower before moving on.

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