Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waiting at John Wayne

So it was back to John Wayne for part one of my return home.  I dilly dallied for a bit getting up and stuff, so I didn't have quite as much time as I would have liked for planewatching but I did get a few good catches.
 I really like it when Southwest has planes with different paint schemes.  This is supposed to be the New Mexico flag.
 Not sure what kind of plan this is but I do like it.
 I think this is a 737 Engine off a Delta plane.
 Don't see too many Hueys any more.
 A United Airbus coming in for a landing.
 The plane that would take me part of the way home coming in for a landing.
 From another angle.
An American 737 getting moved out of the way.
 A Southwest 737 coming in for a landing.
 The Airbus 319 that would take me home coming into the gate.
 A little closer.
 A closeup of the cockpit.
 An odd angle shot.
 From a different angle.
 Trying to get a straight out shot.
 I like the tail art on the Alaska Airlines planes.  I believe this is called the Old Man of the North.
 Some sort of business jet coming in for a landing.  I think it is a Cessna of some sort.
The Alaska Airlines plane getting ready to take off.

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