Saturday, September 22, 2012

Waiting at Denver International Airport

As I said, I do enjoy airplanes but I'm not a fan of air travel.  It's even funner as a modern business traveler because that pretty much means I will always have my carry on of a laptop.  Since I enjoy photography, that's another carry on.  Once past security, it's not too bad though.

I think the thing that bothers me about security is the hassle of it all.  I mean, how come Amtrak can get by with a dog and the occasional scan with the bomb sniffer?  I realize that the terrorist risks to trains is not quite the level of planes but still,  I feel like Amtrak's security is more effective.  I'm not even going to blame 9/11 so much.  I'll blame the shoe bomber though and then the underwear bomber.  Now you have take off shoes, belts, etc.  It seems like a sniffer could detect the bomb residue without having to go through all that.  For some reason, the body scans makes me wonder which company is greasing which Congressman's palms.   And when I get sniffed by the Amtrak dog, I feel it is better than the machines.  But enough whining.
 Hanging in the airport is a lear jet.  For some reason, I thought Lear was based out of the Denver area but this one belonged to some cable guy.
 So after getting to my gate, I found a perfect spot for pictures.  It gave me a few opportunies for head on shots.
 One of the more interesting airline liveries is Frontier Air.  I love the animals on the tail.
 I'm not a fan of the United/Continental livery though.  Sadly, as I was leaving John Wayne, I saw a United heritage plane.  I love their old logo with the two lines on the tail.
 An American DC-9 coming in.  Although this may be an MD-90.
 A Delta DC-9 coming in.   I'm going to guess this plane used to wear Northwest livery.
 A Southwest 737 about to mug a Frontier Airbus.
 A fuller shot of the Frontier plane.
 Another Southwest 737.
 I don't normally see Air Canada planes, so I was happy to take this picture.
 Like I said, I really liked my vantage point.
 Nor do I get to see propellor planes.
 A Canadian Regional Jet waiting to get in line for take off.
 Since I joke around with what I call boat jousting pictures, I had to post this one.
 I think this is a 757.
 A United Airbus passing by.
 The Canadian Regional Jet that would take me to Salt Lake.
And another shot of her.

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