Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Pictures in Flight

So the last pictures from my trip would appropriately be the pictures from the flight.
 As I was waiting for the plane to load.  I often wonder why a train can be loaded in about 10 minutes but it takes a half hour to load a plane.  I mean, we are talking the same number of folks and almost the same space issues.  Ah well.  It wasn't a full flight, so I got to sprawl a bit.
 And I moved over to the window seat.  Tried for an abstract picture.
 An almost clear shot of an Airbus waiting to take off.
 A shot of the lights during take off.
 And another.
 A shot of the wing and the city as we leave.
 Landing at Metro Airport.  I kind of like the light trail shots.
 More light trails.
One last set of light trails.
And a shot as we were at the gate.  I believe this is an Embrear plane.  Not sure of the model though.

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