Monday, September 3, 2012

The Port Sanilac Lighthouse

The next stop was the Port Sanilac Lighthouse.  This is another one I've visited in the past but it was pretty foggy when I visited, so I wasn't terribly happy with the pictures.  If you want to read it's story, go here.
 It is a pretty nice looking lighthouse but not really situated in a way that is photographer friendly.  But then again, there are many lighthouses that aren't.
 But I could get a shot looking up at the tower and there were just enough clouds that I liked the sky.
 I really need to figure out how to do shots like this so that the sky isn't washed out.
 Another angle of the tower.  This one is a fairly unique looking tower.
I think the best view was from behind but unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the other picture I took.

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