Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally the Tecumseh

I decided to stay at Del Ray a little longer becuase I heard on the radio that the Tecumseh would be docking at the ADM dock in Windsor.  I've caught a picture of her docked before but I have not caught one of her under way.
 I don't know, a ship picture isn't quite a ship picture unless she's underway. There is something different about an underway picture.
 For one thing, you get to see different angles.
 Sometimes you get to see the bow wake.
 And of course, you get to see the side profile of her.
 And other angles as she moves by.
 Sometimes you get the more oblique angles.
 And sometimes you get the stern shot.
 And then sometimes, you get to see her turn around.
 Although I didn't stay for the whole turn.
And then I got another profile shot.

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