Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Evening at Huntington Beach

On Thursday night,  I finally made to Huntington Beach.  When I'm out in California, I try to make it there at least once because I like to get pictures of surfers.  There are always surfers there.
 A shot of the beach looking north.  It looks like the stereotypical California beach.
 Looking down the pier.  I think there is a really cool pier here.  One of these days, I will have to eat at the restaurant and the end.
 Now looking south.  As you can see if was a pretty hazy day.
 A surfer about to wipe out.
 A surfer riding the waves.
 I kind of like this one.
 I don't normally get a shot of a surfer near the tube but the waves were pretty high.
 Another one.
 I kind of like the curves in this one.  For some reason it reminds me of a Japanese print.
 Someone doing tricks.  Of all the times I've been doing this, I don't think I've ever gotten a shot like this.
 Another swirl picture.
 Looking north again.
 Looking touth.
 I kind of liked the looks of this one.
 I think I would have liked the looks of this one more if the seagull were exposed correctly.
 There is a kite dealer on the pier and I liked the looks of this one.
 The Flying Dutchman.
 I really liked the looks of this one.
 A street musician.  He was pretty decent.
 The group of flags they always have flying.
 I think the California flag is one of my favorites.
 The group of flags from another angle.
 The Huntington Beach flag looks pretty cool.
 This was a different looking seagull.
 Looking down Main Street.
 I really love this row of palm trees.
 The statue of Duke Kahanamoku.  He was a surfing champion from the early 1900's.
 Another angle of his statue.
Looking up at a palm tree.

I didn't have too many wandering opportunities this time.  It gets dark earlier in California, so when I did get out, I didn't have that much time.  But I was glad to get down to the beach once.

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