Monday, September 24, 2012

Belle Isle in September

I figured that since I was already on Belle Isle, I might as well take the opportunity to do my September pictures, since I wasn't sure that I would make it back in time to still be September.
 It's kind of amazing what a difference a couple of months makes.  Granted, it's been pretty dry this summer but the prairie grass is drying and the lighthouse is more visible.
 The trees are still trying to resist the fall though but I suspect they wont be able to much longer.
 Not sure if you can see the spider in there but he's there.  Not sure of what kind of spider though.
 This tree hasn't resisted, but I think it may be this color all the time.
 A closer shot of the lighthouse.
 And closer yet.  This is another one of my favorite lighthouses.
 But who is Bob?
 Is he the artist?  No.  The artist is Prince, but I think Prince is Prince again.
 I think there was some kind of regatta going on.  Unfortunately, I just had my little lens at the time.
 One more shot of the lighthouse.  You can see hints of yellow in the tree.
 God and Jesus.
 I was kind of surprised that the fountain was going, but it was pretty neat.
 And windy.
 A water spitting cat.
 And again.
 One more shot of the fountain.  Still pretty windy.
 A shot of an obscured downtown.
 The Nancy Brown Peace Carillon again.
 And a bridge by it.
 The Conservatory.  Not too much different here.
 Another shot of the Carillon. 
And one more shot of the Conservatory.

It's hard to believe that it is September already.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking pictures of snow.  Pretty soon I will be doing that again.

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