Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waiting at Minneapolis Airport

My flight out of John Wayne was delayed about an hour as they messed around with some sort of electrical issue.  I guess I'd rather there be that sort of delay than the other kind of delay.  As they were updating the flight status on the way over, I thought that I would just book the later flight.  I know that sometimes they hold the flights but sometimes they don't and I wanted to be prepared.
 As I got to the gate to check my status, they said I could get on this flight but I decided that I could grab dinner and wind down a little bit before the next part, so I waited.  This also gave me a few opportunties for some other pictures.
 A shot with moon in the background.  Unfortunately, I caught some of the reflections on the windows.
 One more shot of the plane I would have been on.
 A shot of Minneapolis through the window.  I guess it makes for a good transparent relection.
 A blurry shot of the control tower.
 The plane that ended up taking me home.
 As I was waiting for the plane to board, I decided to take pictures of the 757 parked nearby.
 Messing around with the exposure settings.  I think I like this one a little better.
And a shot of the wing with all the background stuff.

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