Saturday, September 8, 2012

Illinois State Vs. Eastern Michigan - Pre-Game

So another football season is upon us and once again I had a shot to take pictures from the sidelines at the Eastern Michigan games.  Admittedly, some of my pictures will end up on the blog that got me the pass...Eagle Totem but some will end up here.

So where do we start when covering a game?  Let's start with the pregame stuff.  I'm finding that I am starting to like getting to the game a bit early because that gives me a chance to practice on some shots as the players are practicing.

I'm going to try a different captioning style in this post...I'm going to put the words before the picture.  Let me know what you think.

This is one of the Redbird players practicing a pass but according to the roster it is not a quarterback but a safety.

One of the EMU players bringing in a pass during the practice.  I would love to get a shot like this during a game but I'm still learning.  I think this is Tyler Allen.

One of the Redbird coaches firing up the team.

For some reason this reminded me of the dance of the New Zealand rugby team.

The EMU superfan.  I think I see him at just about every sporting event.

The Eastern team getting fired up before the game.

A fairly crowded student section.  The rest of the stadium was a little sparsely populated but the students showed up.

The band marching out just before the game.  They finally got rid of the uniforms they had when I was a student and are now sporting new uniforms.  I would have to say that they look pretty cool.

I was trying to get a repeat of a really cool shot I had last year.  This one was close.

A closeup of the color guard before they take the flag out to the field.

Another shot of the color guard.

The good folks from the Leslie Science Center brought their eagle to the game again.  It was pretty cool to see.

A closeup of her.

And another one.

I tried to get the Eastern on the Convocation Center in this shot but I couldn't quite get the right angle.

A shot of the band as they leave the field.

And the coin toss.  Eastern actually won the coin toss.

And so there are the exciting pre-game shots.

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