Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And the Patricia Hoey

Another familiar face on this blog is the next tug.
 She is the Patricia Hoey.  Although the last time I saw her she was at the side of the John Munson and was pushing fuel barge.
 As I heard on the radio, that would be the case a little later in the pictures.  I will have to admit by looking at her profile, I can understand why people would like tugs.
 There is a certain mystic about them.
 And they are definately hardworkers.
 But if certain shows are to be believed, they can sink on a dime.
 And this looks a little more familiar.  She went to Mistersky Fuel Docks to grab her cargo.
 This time, she would be fueling another member of the Great Lakes Fleet...the Cason J. Callaway.
 And she heads over to the Rouge River.
 And one more shot of her.

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