Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Burns Harbor Passes DeTour

One of the advantages of boatwatching on the Detroit River is that you get to see almost every ship that passes on the Great Lakes.  However, there are a few ships that almost exclusively go between Gary and Duluth so they never pass Detroit.  There are a few others that are almost exclusive to Lake Michigan.  The Burns Harbor almost exclusively goes between Duluth and Indiana.
 She has appeared on this blog in the past though.  In this picture, she tries to remain hidden just a little longer.
 I will have to admit that DeTour is a pretty nice spot for boatwatching though.
 Gives you a nice clean background.
 And if you get on the right side of the ferry dock, you can get a different type of shot.
 And she presses on.
 Another shot with the ferry in the foreground.
 She slowly works her way past Drummond Island.
 Which gives me a chance for a slightly clean shot.
 And a closeup of her superstructure.
 A couple more shots before I moved on.
And she moves on as I start to move on.

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