Saturday, September 22, 2012

Waiting at Detroit Metro Airport

So last week, I was off to California again.  Except for this time I had a stop in Colorado on the way because I had to visit one of our vendors.  I love planes but I'm becoming less and less a fan of flying.  Once past security, it's not too bad though.
 I had a little time before my flight, which of course means I'm taking pictures.  For this shot, I figured I would try an unusual angle of a plane.  I kind of like the way the rising sun is caught in the reflection of the plane.  My only real complaint is that I don't like whatever it is they have on the windows at Detroit Metro.
 This is similar to the plane I would be taking to Denver but not the plane.  I just liked the way the sun was hitting it.
 This one is the plane that would take me to Denver.  You can clearly see the pattern of whatever it is they put on the windows at DTW.  Why can't they take cues from other airports and have nice clear windows?  I'm sure I'm not the only plane nut out there.
 A 757 that was waiting near my gate.  I really like the look of the 757, it is a very graceful looking aircraft.
One more shot of the 737 that would take me to Denver.

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