Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Special Fly By

Normally I wouln't post pictures quite this fuzzy but it was a special moment.

I heard on the news that the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be making a flyby over Disney while I was still out there.  I was thinking about catching the later flight to get it but I didn't want to get home at 7 in the morning.  I was thinking that maybe I could see it while I was at the airport since Anaheim is fairly close.  Then I heard it got bumped back a couple hours.
 As the boarding process was going on, I saw a little bit of commotion and people looking towards the window.  I saw the distinctive shape of a space shuttle.  So I grabbed my camera and swapped lenses to get this shot.  Unfortunately it was a ways out, so this is blown up quite a bit.
But as I said, it was a one in a time thing, so I'll have to be content with this picture.  With any luck, I might be able to see it when I'm back out in California.

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