Monday, November 19, 2012

And Returning...The Kaye Barker

It seems like there are some ships I never see and then there are some ships that I see repeatedly.  I think there are many ships that have pretty much the same route through the shipping season and I want to say that Kaye Barker is one of those.  It seems like she is pretty much going between Duluth and Dearborn but I could be wrong.  She's a cool looking ship, so I don't mind.
 There is something to be said for the lines of a classic freighter and the Kaye Barker is certainly a classic.
 Even though she's been given a diesel engine, she still has the same outward appearance.
 She's one of the few triple decked pilothouse ships on the lakes.
 And that gives her a unique look.
 Another full beam shot.
 And her pilothouse.
 Her deckhouse.
And one more shot as she heads off to Dearborn.

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