Monday, November 19, 2012

Last But Not Least...the Pineglen

Last up is the Pineglen.  She's appeared on this blog before.  Her first appearance was in one of my favorite pictures.  I missed the other ship that was in that picture because she was heading downbound earlier in the morning.
 Since she's appeared here before, I'm not going to get into her history.
 It was kind of cool, because I was hitting her at the right time.  The light reflecting off her hull just right.
 Some clouds and hints of pinks in the sky.  A slight haze.
 A shot of her bow.
 An almost full on shot but she passed too close for the straight out shot.
 So I got her pilothouse instead.
 And her stack.
 And she heads off to probably Thunder Bay but I'm not sure.
And she gets stalked by one of the freighters.

So that was my day yesterday.

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