Monday, November 26, 2012

The Algoma Provider Again....

Yesterday I had hoped to catch the Roger Blough but the icy roads kind of took care of any notion of that happening.  I thought that I would be doing other things today but it turns out that I wasn't (hopefully that's a good thing).  There are a few ships that almost make up for me missing the Blough.  The ship in this post is one of those.
 I looked at my phone as I was leaving Bay City and I saw that the Algoma Provider would be passing Detroit.  The timing looked pretty tight thought but I was pretty sure I could make it barring any accidents or whatever.  I would have preferred to catch her from Belle Isle but I'd rather take the sure bet on Milliken than the possible bet on Belle Isle.  Good thing because this is what I saw as I approached the river.
 Now don't get me wrong, Milliken is a fairly nice spot for boatwatching.  The only thing is that the areas across from it are more populated which means I'm more likely to get buildings in my pictures.
 However, I do get the occasional headshot.
 I don't mind buildings but sometimes I think they distract from the ships.
 The reason why I say Algoma Provider is almost a good replacement for the Blough is because she is definately a classic laker.  Note the lack of a boom.
 And the front mounted pilothouse.
 The sky was pretty cool today as well but not as ominous as the last couple of times I caught her.
 There at least is the hint of the sun in there.
 Sadly, she starts to pull away.  Giving me a shot of the rear of her pilothouse.
 And a shot of her Algostack.
 Another shot of her as she gets a little further downriver.
 The Ambassador Bridge in the background.  The truck traffic doesn't seem quite as bad as I've seen in the past.
 Lurking off to the right, you can see the next visitor.
 And the start of what I call "Freighter Jousting".
 The two fleetmates greet each other.
 And pass each other.
And then they bracket the Federal Rhine between them.  And the Algoma Provider heads downriver to wherever she's going.

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