Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Captain Henry Jackman and Port Huron

Next up in my little Odyssey is the Captain Henry Jackman.  She's appeared on this blog in the past but it has been a couple months.
 As I said in the last post, the Indiana Harbor was speeding up a bit and passing the Jackman.  Here the Jackman comes into view.
 I'm not a huge fan of the rear mounted pilothouses but I understand why they are around.
 A shot of the Jackman and the Buckthorn.
 The Buckthorn pulls away too, leaving the Jackman behind.
 And now it's just the Jackman.
 Another shot of her.
 After taking those pictures, I decided to head up to the Bridge to get pictures of the Jackman again.  I was hoping to get pictures of another ship but I missed her and would have to double back.
 As you can see, three ships in this picture too.  I'm not sure what the one out there is.
 The Indiana Harbor obscured by the Jackman.
 Just the Jackman and the Bridge.
And a last shot of the Jackman.


Isaac Pennock said...

The third ship is the saltie Sloman Hera. Nice shots, looks like you were up on a hill?

Mikoyan said...

For the first couple of shots, I was at a terminal of some sort. The Bramble would have been to my left.