Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Skies Over Ann Arbor

I heard planes buzzing the office all day, so I was hoping that I would still see one or two as I stepped out to head home for the day.  Sadly, the sun was already setting so the light was waning quickly.  But there were planes up and the sky still looked pretty cool.
 The sad part about waning light is that it is tough to not get a blurry shot with my bigger lens.  I really need to look into getting an image stabilization version.  Granted, this doesn't look too bad.
About a year ago, I remember seeing a picture of the United States from orbit and with all the contrails, it looked like it was encased in a spider web.  Based on the number of planes I saw in the 15 minutes I was outside, that wouldn't surprise me.
 The moon looked kind of different tonight...but not by much.
 So which picture do you prefer?  The one above or the one below.
 Looking at Flight Aware right now, there are almost 7,000 flights in the sky over the United States.  If you figure a plane holds at least 100 people, that means that the population of Detroit is flying over the country right now.
 A flight of a different sort.
The geese and the moon.  That sounds like it could be the title of a children's book.

Well enjoy.

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rev.wendy said...

Nice post!
I prefer the first photo with the tail at an angle. And I am thinking about the story line of that book....hmm-mm, could be something there!