Monday, November 19, 2012

Downtown Marine City

I suspect that Marine City will be a more frequent stop on my itinerary because M-29 is such a nice highway for shipwatching.  There aren't too many bad spots for it on the road.
Before French settlers came, Marine City was part of Ojibwa territory.  The first Catholic Church was built near here at Catholic Point.  In the 1780's, the settlers obtained a deed from the Chippewa Indians and the town was called Yankee Point because many of the settlers came from New England.

In 1835, it became Newport but not officially.  In 1865, it was incorporated as the village of Marine City.  It thrived as a lumber and other raw material center and became a city in 1887.  It was also during this time that many of the town's members were employed in the lumber and shipping industries.

Like many of the towns associated with the lumber trade, it is not nearly the size it once was.

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