Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Western Michigan - The Game

And so the game started.
 Eastern received the ball to start the game.  Tyler Allen ran the ball back for pretty good field position to start the game.  Then there were three penalties befor the first play was run.  Fortunately, two of those were by Western.
 Tyler Benz running the ball.  I'm not sure if these were designed plays or broken plays but he ran the ball fairly well.
 Here he is getting ready to pass the ball.
 Dominque Sherrer getting congratulated after the first touchdown of the game.
 One of the Western players getting tackled.
 If you look to the left, you will see the football after it was stripped from the Western quarterback.  Eastern would recover the fumble.
 The band doing some sort of cheer sounding like a train.
 Alex Gillett running the ball.  Eastern kept alternating between the two quarterbacks and after seeing the results, I wonder why they haven't done this all year.
 Donald Scott after catching the second touchdown of the game.
 Bronson Hill during a run.
 One of the Eastern recivers wishing he were about three feet taller.
 Sherrer running with the ball again.
 Bronson Hill running.  Sadly, I wasn't happy with the layout of the Western stadium.  It is east to west which meant that I was shooting into the sun for some of the game.  That affected my shots later in the game because I only stayed to one side of the field.
 One of the Western players running with the ball.
 One of my favorite styles of shots.
 Media Time Out Guy.
 The Western Flag after a Western touchdown.
 Tyler Benz after a pass.
 The band during halftime.
 Sherrer congratulating one of the Eastern players after a touchdown.
 A shot of the stadium.
 Eastern kicking a field goal to make it 29-20.  Pretty much sealing the game.
 But Western made it interested by scoring a field goal to come within 6 points.  So the onside kick was inevitable.
 The scrum.....
 Dustin Daniels celebrating after coming out with the ball.
And my favorite formation when it is my team doing it.

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