Monday, November 5, 2012

Michigan's Proposal 6

I don't normally get political on this blog.  It's not that I'm apolitical, it's just that this wasn't the purpose for creating this blog.  And quite honestly, I think there are plenty of blogs that do cover politcs and do a pretty good job of it.  I'm going to use recycled pictures for this post since I'm in California this week (and yes, I already voted) because it's mainly my opinion.
As you know, the Ambassador Bridge is owned by Matty Maroun and represents a local monopoly.  For a number of years there has been a proposal to build another Bridge between Detroit and Windsor but this has been fought in the courts, the legislature and now it is being fought through the ballot box in the form of Proposal 6.  If you've watched TV in Michigan in the past few months, you have seen a number of ads speaking in favor of Proposal 6.  You've probably also gotten flyers in your mail box, span in your e-mail and banner ads on pages that support those.  I'm okay with ads in support of a position but I don't like it when they use outright lies to support that position.

One of the ads running says that the money used to build the bridge will take money away from other entities in the state.  That one couldn't be further from the truth since Canada is paying the upfront costs for the new Bridge.  This will enable the State of Michigan to get matching funds from the US Government.  We will have to pay back through tolls but I'm going to guess that there will be plenty of tolls paid to do that.

Another ad says that we don't really need a new bridge at all.  As you know, I spend a fair amount of time on the Detroit River.  As a result, I get to see the Ambassador Bridge quite a bit and it seems like every time I see it there is a string of trucks that stretches from Detroit to Windsor.  That seems to be evidence that the Bridge is getting overtaxed.  So it would seem that we need it.
 The above picture is of a truck ferry that runs between Windsor and Detroit.  I think it makes a fairly regular run.  This is another bit of evidence that something needs to be done.  Now Mr. Maroun has proposed another bridge right next to the Ambassador Bridge but my understanding of that is that Windsor does not want that because it would still go through their neighborhoods.  The New Bridge would bypass Windsor and feed directly into the 401.  It would also feed directly into I-75 which would bypass the neighborhoods in Detroit.

So I think a new bridge is needed.
The biggest fact against Proposal 6 is that the guy backing it owns the building above.  Why he keeps this building as an eyesore is beyond me.  That can't be helping his bottom line unless he keeps it as a deduction.  Oh he says that he has plans but how long does this remain in the planning stage?  He's owned this building for a quite a while now.

So there you have my opinion on that matter.


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cmadler said...

Plus, if you actually read the wording of it, ANY new bridge ANYWHERE in Michigan, regardless of whether it actually crosses the border, would be considered a "new international bridge or tunnel" requiring a statewide vote.

Just ponder the absurdity that this proposal would require a statewide vote to replace Ann Arbor's bridges along Stadium, or even Ypsilanti's Tridge that connects Riverside Park, Frog Island Park, and Depot Town.

Mikoyan said...

I forgot about that aspect of the proposal and I remember hearing about that somewhere. I think it's absurd that it's come to this. So what happens next if this proposal fail? does he take to sabotaging the construction crews because that's about the only option he has left.