Monday, November 19, 2012

The Captain Henry Jackman Passes Algonac

It was a nice enough day yesterday that I decided to go out shipwatching.  I was thinking of going out with a friend but he got a much earlier start than I did.  I guess I needed the sleep.  So when I woke up, I checked AIS to see what was going to be out and about and I saw that it would be a fairly busy day but not quite as busy as Saturday.  I was still waffling a bit until I saw that there would be a ship I haven't taken pictures of yet.  So off to M-29 I went.
 First up for the day was the Captain Henry Jackman.  I caught her as she was passing Algonac State Park.  She is not the ship that hasn't appeared here before though.
 I am starting to think that I like Algonac as a spot for shipwatching.  There isn't too much in the background and you can see downbound ships for quite a way.
 They also pass fairly close to the shore but not quite as close as up at Sault Ste. Marie.
 A shot of her bow, you can see a hint that she was a saltie in her former life.
 And her pilothouse.
 I'll have to say she has one of the more unique looking names.  It almost looks like they didn't quite have the right stencil when they panted it.
 It was a little cloudy, but I like clouds in my ship pictures, so I'll take it.
 Another shot of her bow.
 And her Algoma flag flapping proudly in the wind.
 Another shot of her name.
 And her Algostack.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.  I guess the more I see the rear mounted pilothouses, the more comfortable I am with them.
 A shot of her whole pilothouse.
 And she starts to head off into Lake St. Clair.
One more shot before she rounds the bend.

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