Monday, November 12, 2012

Fermin Point Lighthouse

The audit got done early on Friday, so I decided to head back to San Pedro because I saw that there was a lighthouse there.  Since I'm a huge fan of lighthouses, I decided to seek it out.
 Unfortunately, traffic wasn't terribly cooperative and I barely made it with enough light for pictures.  So I apologize in advance if some of these are a little on the blurry side.
 The Fermin Point lighthouse was build in 1874 using California redwoods.  In 1941, the light was extinguished after Pearl Harbor was attacked.  It was feared that it would be used as a beacon to guide the enemy to the port facilities.
 The Lens was removed in 1942 and the light deactivated.  There was a guard shack built nearby that was used to watch for ships.  In 1972, it was added to the National Registry of Historic Places and in 1974, it was restored by a preservation society.  Now it is open to the public.
 A view of the coast from the lighthouse.  The sun was nearly completely down but the coast still looked beautiful.
 Looking out a little further.  Not sure I like this picture so much.
 A view of the lighthouse from the side.  I'll have to admit it looks pretty cool.
 I tried to get some pictures with palm trees in it to emphasize the Californianess...sadly they were too blurry.
And one more shot of the lighthouse.  I think one of these days, I'd like to get a list of the lighthouses in California and visit some of them.  They are definately unique.

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