Saturday, November 3, 2012

Detroit Edison Engine 203

As we were chasing down the Roger Blough and heading back down M-29, my friend noticed a park with a train engine.  Since we could fairly easily catch the Blough, I decided to stop and take some pictures.
 The Engine was owned by the Detroit Edison Company and I presume it was used to haul coal to their power plants.  Or it may have been a switching engine used to transfer cars within their plants.
 It turns out that this engine was built in 1923 and started its career in Detroit.
 In 1943, it was stationed at Conners Creek Power Plant.
 Next it was moved to Marysville Power Plant in 1949.
 And then it was moved to it's current home in 1953.
 Sadly, it is in rough shape as you can see by the Grafitti.
One more shot before leaving.  It's kind of sad that people have to leave their imprint on things like this.  I mean why can't people just leave things well enough alone.  It would be nice to get pictures of this without the grafitti.

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