Monday, November 19, 2012

The Catherine Desgagnes

I was mistaken.  I thought this next ship was one that I had seen before and it turns out that I haven't.  I guess I had her confused with the other Desgagnes ships.
 The Catherine Desgagnes was born as the Gosforth in 1961 at the Hall Russell and Company Shipyards in Aberdeen, Scotland.  She is powered by a Sulzer 4,100 horsepower diesel engine which gives her a speed of 14 knots.  She is capable of carrying a little over 8,000 tons of cargo.

In 1972, she was bought by the Quebec and Ontario Transportation Company and given the name Thorold.  In 1984, she was sold to her current owners when Quebec and Ontario ceased operations.  She was given her current name in 1985 and carries a variety of cargoes.

But at any rate, since I thought she had appeared on here before and I was shooting into the sun...I wanted to do a little questioning of my readers...Which of these shots do you like?  The top one is pretty much centered.
 This one has the horizon centered by the ship off to the third.  I kind of like it when I have something for the ship to move into.
This last one has the horizon in the bottom third and the ship in that corner.  Which of these do you like the best?  I think I'd like this last one if the sky weren't so washed out.

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rev.wendy said...

I think I like the first one....
It is centered well and accentuates the ship well.