Sunday, November 4, 2012

Michigan Exposures Hits the Air

I'm out in California this week.  We have an ISO audit at our other facility and  I get to advise and stuff.  It's not too bad because it's pretty warm out here.
 The Airbus 320 that took me from Minneapolis to Santa Ana.  There has only been a couple of times that I have been able to fly directly from Detroit to Santa Ana.  I guess they went back to having to connect through Minneapolis.  Oh well.  As it was the flight out was delayed an hour which meant I didn't have as much time as I was hoping.
 I did make it out to Long Beach to see the U.S.S. Iowa which is an Iowa Class Battleship (funny that).  It was pretty cool since I don't get to see battleships on the Lakes.
Long Beach is also a fairly busy harbor.  So I got to see a few ships.  I'm not going to go into details on them though.

As always, I will post more pictures when I get home.

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tugster said...

let's talk some time about how you got the port fotos in long beach. cheers.