Friday, November 23, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Northern Illinois

Like I said in the last post, I made it to the game today.  The weather was kind of crappy and I didn't think EMU had a chance against Northern Illinois, so I didn't stay long.  Therefore I didn't have too many pictures to choose from.
 Tyler Benz about to tuck it under and start to run with it.  He looked decent for the little bit I ws there.
 Here he is running the ball.
 Jay Karutz punting.  Based on the final score, I think he got alot of work.
 Northern Illinois quarterback handing the ball off.
 The Nothern Illinois Running Back breaking through the hole, as he is about to run it in for a touchdown.
 For some reason, this picture seems like a statement on Eastern's season...never quite catching their opponents.
 The freezing band.
 Tyler Allen running the ball after a kickoff.
 Tyler Benz about to take a snap.
 Bronson Hill running the ball.
Brumfeld breaking through the hole.

 Dominique Sherrer after he got tackled.
 Hoskins after catching the ball.
 I don't remember who this was.
 Matt Boyd after catching the ball and as he is running it in for a touchdown.
 Boyd running over the goal line.  This would be Eastern's only touchdown of the game.
And celebrating the touchdown.

As I was heading back to the car, I heard that Northern Illinois returned a kickoff for a touchdown.  The final score was 49-7.

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