Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Western Michigan - Pre-Game Shots

So after a little wandering through Kalamazoo, it was off to the game.  Since Western beat Central, all Eastern had to do was beat them to keep the Michigan MAC trophy.  I guess that would be a small trinket in an otherwise disappointing season.
 After getting our passes, we went in the game.  He went up into the press box and I took my spot on the field.  Western plays in a place called Waldo Stadium.  I actually saw a game there 20 years ago when I was a student at Eastern.  I think they've renovated since then.  The stadium looks pretty nice for the fans, it was kind of difficult getting around the field.

First thing I saw was the above shot.  I kind of liked the look of the ball and the helmet.  I think it would make a nice wallpaper.
 Around the stadium, they had signs from the different bowl games they've been to.  The above sign caught my eye mainly because of the plane and also because I didn't realize there was such a thing.  It turns out that the reason I'd never heard of it was because it was only played once in 1961.  Western Michigan played New Mexico and lost.  There were only 3,500 fans in attendance, so there wasn't a second Aviation Bowl.
 A shot of one of the endzones.
 Looking up at the press box.  I'll have to admit, when I came here as a student, I was jealous because they had a real looking stadium.  I still think it looks a little nicer than Rynearson though but Rynearson has somewhat caught up.
 One of the nice things about getting to the game early is that I get a chance to practice as the players practice.  It was kind of cool watching the receivers practice.  I would still like to get a shot like this in a game.
 Some of them were using one hand to try to catch.
 This person tried one handed a couple times and then they told him to use two hands and he caught it.
 Another catch.
 I kind of like this one too.
 The Eagles huddle up before the game.
 The Broncos get pumped up before the game.
 The Western band takes the field.  I'll have to admit, they looked pretty impressive.
 One of the baton twirlers.
 A side shot of the band.
 And the other side.  They didn't play music to welcome the Eagles though.
 The flag after the Star Spangled Banner.
 A close up of the band.
I guess in the same way that Eastern brings out an Eagle, Western needs a bronco.  Well, I think the eagle is much cooler.

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