Sunday, November 11, 2012

On the Way to California

So last week  I was in California.  My posting on here was pretty spotty because I wasn't on the best internet connection and with work, I didn't have too many opportunities for picture taking.  However, as promised here is the beginning to the pictures I took last week.
 Even thought travel my plane is a huge hassle these days,  I still like to look at them and once I am on them, it is not too bad.  This is the Boeing 737 that would take me from Detroit to Minneapolis.
 There was a bit of daylight, so I took another picture of that plane.  I guess this is becoming either a tradition or ritual for me.  The 737 is an old design but I think this is one of the newer versions of it.
 You never know what you are going to see when you visit different airports.  In this case, there was a C-17 refuelling or something at Minneapolis.  I'm wondering if it was continuing on to New York to help out there.
 I always see the C-130's.  Usually I don't have much time or I'm in the wrong part of the airport for pictures.
 I rarely get a headshot of a C-130.
 But I do usually see them in a group.
 As I was heading to my connecting gate, I looked out the window and I like the shot that this presented.
 I'm not sure if this is an MD-80 or MD-90 but it is a descendant of the DC-9 which I suppose makes it one of the DC-3 as well.
 This is the Boeing 757.  I think this is my favorite commercial aircraft.  To me it looks fairly graceful.
 The Airbus 319, which is not.
 I think this is an aircraft that is built in Brazil.  Not sure why it is smoking, but this wasn't the only one.
 The Airbus that would take me to John Wayne taxiing into the gate.  It was late which is why I had more pictures than usual.
 I don't know, I'm liking the odd angles even more.
And one more before I got on the plane.

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