Monday, November 12, 2012

Waiting at John Wayne Airport

So it was time to start heading back home again.  My flight home was at 1:00, so I had some time to sit around the airport and do what I like to do best...take pictures.  Since I don't get too many opportunities to take plane pictures at home, I used the opportunities that I do get.
 There is a pretty diverse group of airlines that uses John Wayne Airport.  One of my favorites is Alaska Air because of their tail art.    I believe they call this the Old Man of the North. 
 The cockpit of an Alaska Air 737.
 I'm not sure what kind of plane this is but I do like the looks of it.  There is also a pretty diverse group of general aviation planes that uses John Wayne.  One time while I was waiting there, I saw a DC-3.
 Another shot of the Alaska Air 737.
 The Southwest 737 taxis into position for take off, while the Alaska Air plane waits patiently.
 For some reason, I liked this shot.
 The 737 waits for take off.
 A Cessna comes in for landing.
 An Air Tran 737 lands.
 The cockpit of a Delta Canadian Regional Jet.
 Another Cessna landing.
 The Delta plane waiting to take off.
 I'm not sure what kind of plane this is.
 A private jet of some sort taxiing for take off.
 Another Alaska Air 737 coming in for a landing.  I'm guessing this one flies to Hawaii based on the lay around the guy's neck.
 Another airline with cool tail art.  In this case, Frontier Airlines.
 The Airbus 319 that would take me to Minneapolis.  There used to be a direct flight from Detroit to John Wayne but I think they cut it which is a shame.
 The Frontier Airbus waiting for take off.
 The Delta airbus being pulled into the gate.
 A private jet coming in for a landing.
 I'm not sure what kind of plane this is, but I do like it.
 I think this is a Beechcraft.
 The place where all the action is overseen.
 A propellor plane.
 Another Southwest 737 coming in for a landing.  There were quite a few of these guys.
 The signs near the gate.  It shows what types of aircraft use John Wayne.  Because of the length of the runway, I think the largest plane that flies into it is the 757.
 Another private jet.
 Another Cessna coming in for a landing.
 Another Southwest 737.
 Another private jet.
 A closeup of the winglet for the Delta Airbus.
 And another Cessna.
 The cockpit of that Delta plane.
 Pulling out a bit to get more of it.  Like I said, this is a bit of a ritual for me.
 Yet another Southwest 737.
 A Delta 757 after landing.  I missed it as it was approaching the runway.
 As this is my favorite commercial aircraft, I had to take another picture.
 The tail for the Delta Airbus.
 This is a Robinson Helicopter.  I think they are manufactured near here.
 Another shot of the winglet.
 As I was taking a picture of the 757, I noticed the reflections in the engine.  So I tightened on it.
And then I had to take a picture of the Airbus to get the reflection of the 757.

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grenada111 said...

Hi! I really like all of your pictures. Where is John Wayne airport located in Michigan? I also spot in Michigan at Detoit Metropolitan Airport and I've got some great shots of 757's as well. Thank you and keep up the good work!