Saturday, July 22, 2017

Finding the John D. Leitch

After Detroit, I decided to head up to St Clair to catch my first ship of the day.
 So the first ship of the day was the John D. Leitch.  With her elongated pilothouse, she's a very unique looking ship.  There are many in the boatnerd community that do not like her.
 I'm not one of those people.  I think uniqueness is what makes this hobby fun at times.  There are many cookie cutter ships and it's funny because many in the boatnerd community complain about that too.
 But like I said, I think she's a neat looking boat except she's another one whose days I think are numbered.
 She was built in 1967 which is almost ancient for a Canadian boat.  I think Algoma Central has at least two more replacements on the way.  Although those may be for Algoway and Algorail but who knows.
 Anyway, I think she has a pretty nice profile too.
Unfortunately, I don't remember where she was headed.

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