Monday, July 31, 2017

The Queen and Her Princesses

My malaise continued into Sunday but I looked at the flight patterns and decided that I wanted to catch a 747 in take off.  So I headed over to Metro Airport.  It was a nice day but a little muggy.
 So first up was a 737-900 that was heading for San Diego.  That is roughly a 4.5 hour flight.
 N658CA is a CRJ-700 operated by GoJet for Delta Connection.  It was on its way to St. Louis, Missouri.
 It's not an official nickname by any means but to me the 757 is the Princess of the Skies.  I think she is a beautiful aircraft.  Maybe enough people will read this blog and get that name to stick.  It's fitting.  Anyway, this particular princess was on its way to Seattle.
 I can't quite make out the tail number for this CRJ-200.
 This 757 was on its way to LAX.
 Another angle of that plane.
 This CRJ was on its way to Lansing.
 It wasn't too long before the Queen appeared.
Many consider the 747 as the Queen of the Skies.  This particular one was on its way to Tokyo.  I think she is going to be replaced by the A350 in October or so.  The last Delta flight of the 747 will be in December.

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