Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tuesdays With the Mad Dogs

I hoped to catch the Royal Jordanian 787 as it came in for a landing.  The traffic patterns were right for me.  The only problem was that it came it at 5:00 instead of the later time it was coming in.  So  I went home, ate dinner and then decided to go out to catch it taking off.  It normally takes off around 8:00 P.M. or so.
I had lunch in the office on Tuesday, so that meant some planewatching before going back to work after lunch.  There wasn't too much big stuff, but there was this Cessna 152.  It has appeared many times on this blog though.
  For the 787, I headed over to the Cell Phone Lot.  I figured that I would try to move to a spot where I could get a decent angle on the planes.  I think I came close with this shot of the 737.
 The shot of the other runway aren't too bad though.  As evidenced by this Embrear 170 coming in from Newark.
 That was followed by this Airbus A320 coming in from LaGuardia.
 And a CRJ.
 Which was quickly followed by another CRJ.
 N335NB is the tail number of an Airbus A319 that belongs to Delta.  At the time this picture was taken, it was heading to Austin, Texas.
 An Embrear 170 belonging to Compass Airlines heading to Louisville.
 Unfortunately, I can't make out the tail number of this Boeing 717.
  A Jet Blue A320.  With the angle I took it at, it almost looks like it is going rocket.
Another CRJ.

 And the name of the post is based on the number of MD-88's that I saw.    I can't make out the tail number, so I'm not sure where it's headed.
 The School Bus (or Taxi) Spirit plane.

 N923DL taking off for Cleveland.  This is an MD-88.

  It was followed by N923DN which was headed to Atlanta.

This CRJ-900 was on its way to O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
Another Boeing 717.  When it was released, it was going to be known as the MD-95 but then Boeing took over and renamed it.

 And another one.

 An Airbus A320.
 A United 737 on its way to San Francisco.
 An A319 on its way to Reagan National in Washington DC.
 A 757.  I think this one might have been headed for Seattle.
 A MD-90 on its way somewhere.
 This 737-900 was on its way to Tampa.
 The 787 that I was waiting for.
Because I like the fact that I got one of the beacons.

 Another 757.  I think this one was headed for LAX.

 This 737-900 was headed for Orlando.
 A 757-300 on its way to San Francisco.  Or at least I think it is.

 Another MD-88.
And we ended with an Airbus A330.

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