Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The CSL Welland Makes a Canada Day Appearance

I was going to head back to the hotel and take a bit of a break but it was Canada Day and there was a Canadian ship coming down.  I couldn't pass that up.
 I believe that the CSL Welland was actually heading down from Thunder Bay.  I really wasn't expecting her until later in the evening but here she was.
 She is one of the Trillium ships that were built in China for the Canada Steamship Lines.  She was one of the later built ships but she's now been on the Lakes for three years.
 As I have often said, the Canadians put their boats through tougher paces than the American boats.  The American boats will typically only see one set of Locks whereas the Canadian boats will see many of them.  The Canadian boats will also find their way to brackish waters on occasion.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 She flies her house colors, the Dominion flag (I think) and the American flag.
And she continues on her way.  I think she was on her way to Nanticoke.

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