Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Morning at Magee Marsh

So once again, I'm behind by a few posts.  So this is a post from last Saturday.  I decided to get up early to head down to Magee Marsh in Ohio.  I was hoping to get there early enough to catch some eagles before they went out and did eagle things.
 I kind of liked the way the light was hitting this red winged blackbirds.  Even though, I see them all the time, I think they are a pretty cool looking bird.
 A heron just standing in the water.  I liked the way the reflections were.
 The moon. 
 Another heron.  Unfortunately I was shooting into the sun for this shot.
 An all to common view of herons (or cranes or whatever) for me.
 An immature eagle circling near the nest.  This one was getting harassed by some smaller birds and he kept crying to the nest but I don't think there was anyone there at the time.
 A vulture spreading his wings.
 A crane about to take off.
 A painted turtle.
 We also went over to the Ottawa Wildlife Area.  This swan was just swimming around with it's family.
 When we were at Ottawa the week before, my mom noticed some American lotus stalks.  She said they would probably be in bloom the next weekend.  Sure enough.
 It's kind of a neat looking flower but apparently pretty short lived.
 I'm not sure what kind of flower this is.
 Another angle of the American lotus.

 I think these are often confused with water lilies.   I can see why.

And some actual water lilies.

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