Friday, July 14, 2017

The Planes of Friday

Now I am up to Friday July 7th.  I had a little time after work, so I decided to make a stop at the airport.  Unfortunately, I ended up missing the heavies.  There were still some interesting planes to catch though.
 First up is a CRJ-900 that was arriving from Charlotte.
 My favorite commercial plane is the 757 of course.  I like both styles but I think I like the longer one a little better.  This isn't that one though but it was coming in from Orlando.
 A CRJ-700 which is run by Express Jet arrives from White Plains, NY.  ExpressJet has the callsign of Acey, which I think is kind of cool.
 And this CRJ-200 was arriving from Albany.
 This is one of the Airbus A330's but I'm not sure where it was coming from.  Based on the time, I think it was Frankfurt.
 This MD88 was arriving from Boston.
 An ERJ-175 that was coming from Newark.
 And this CRJ-700 was coming in from Greenville.
 An Airbus A319 coming in from LaGuardia.
 A Southwest 737.
 And I think this Beechcraft King Air was arriving from Pellston.
 And this MD-90 was arriving from Palm Beach.
 This is a Bombardier 100.
 And Alaska Airlines 737 coming from Seattle.
 This ERJ-170 was arriving from Newark.
 I think Frontier has one of the cooler liveries out there.  I think they may have a different animal on every plane.  This particular Airbus was arriving from Trenton, NJ.
 An MD-88 coming from Milwaukee.
 And I think this 757 was arriving from Los Angeles.
 the Mad Dog 90 coming from Denver.
 And I believe this 737 was arriving from O'Hare.
It started to rain a little bit later but it was sunny to the west so a rainbow formed.  I saw that there was a 747 coming in, so I decided to head over to Metro Airport in order to catch it.  It was lining up nicely and as it passed the rainbow, my autofocus decided to wig out.  This 737 was following behind, but I couldn't quite get the right spot for the rainbow, but you can kind of see it.

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