Sunday, July 9, 2017

The HHL Amur in the MacArthur Lock

I like to try to get a shot of at least one ship in the Locks while I'm up there.  I like getting shots in the Locks but I've found that the shots elsewhere around the Soo are much better.  There are times where I don't really feel like chasing them.
 The HHL Amur is one of many salties that ply the Great Lakes.  Typically they bring over heavy machinery and leave with grain or other products that are needed in Europe (or elsewhere).
 She was built in 2007 as the Beluga Fidelity and became the HHL Amur in 2011 when she was acquired by Hansa Heavy Lift of Bremen, Germany.
 Here she is coming into the Locks.
 After catching her in the Locks, I decided I wanted pictures as she passed Mission Point.  She is 452 feet long with a width of 68 feet.  She can carry 12,700 tons of cargo.
 In the time since I took this picture, she has made her way out of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
She is on her way to Italy right now.

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